4th Congress of
Eurasian WEEE Solutions

19–21 March 2019, Congress, Moscow, Russia

26 March 2018, WEEE Workshop


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Thank you for your participation at EWEEES 2018!
​ See you at EWEEES 2019!

4th Congress of

Eurasian WEEE Solutions

19-21 March 2019 | Congress park at the Radisson Royal Hotel, Moscow, Russia

It is a great pleasure to announce the 4th Congress of Eurasian Waste Electrical Electronic Equipment Solutions taking place on 19–21 March 2019 in the Congress park at the Radisson Royal Hotel, Moscow, Russia.

EWEEES is the efficient key-platform for opportunities, solutions and challenges in the EAEU; for maintaining and developing the important economic contacts with the authorities, producers, recyclers, scientists, associations, NGO’s and media.

The fastest growing part of municipal solid waste stream contains old electrical and electronic goods and has valuable waste (gold, silver, copper, aluminium, iron) but also toxic heavy metals and compounds.

2017 was declared to be the Year of Ecology in Russia, in 2017 in the Russian Federation started operating Extended Producer Responsibility for electrical and electronic scrap. The producers and importers must take their responsibilities on their products; collect and process them in line with the Circular Economy and Legislation.

There are many activities from authorities, producers, associations, collectors and recyclers on the market.

The EAEU is a new and fast growing recycling market and generates about 1’500’000 tonn of WEEE per year with a value over 400’000’000 Euro per year.

The main topics of the Congress are:

  • Implementation and solutions of the Eco Fee
  • WEEE situation in the EAEU, legislation and standards
  • Best Available Technologies for recycling
  • PCB recycling, collecting and win valuables
  • Build up the market for recycled secondary materials.

All market participants are having the chance for new opportunities and challenges.

We are looking forward to meet you in Moscow – a town of pioneers and success stories!

Yours faithfully,

Dr. Viktor Haefeli

Meet the Eurasian Scrap and WEEE Industry
EWEEES in partnership with Moscow International Recycling (MIR)

WhatsApp / Tel.:
+41 79 292 18 80
+7 968 739 21 45
Congress park at the Radisson Royal Hotel,
2/1 Kutuzovsky pr., Moscow, 121248, Russia